Paperless into the future

Digitize your processes. Digitally create, sign and manage documents.

Digitize your processes

Thumbify is the easiest way to create digital logs, receipts, invoices, contracts and powers of attorney, archive old paper documents and manage them sustainably.
Every step from creation, signature on the display, dispatch and subsequent administration is carried out efficiently and without media discontinuity.
Thumbify helps you close all your deals easily and paperlessly.

Keep the overview over your purchases.

Use the added value of digitization

Focus on your core competencies and keep track of your office and business with Thumbify.
Get started today with digital data capture and use this new foundation to align your business for the future.

Individual solution required?

We make almost everything possible and are your right partner for all challenges around the future topic of digitalization.
We support you in the initial potential analysis, the implementation of your requirements and the securing of the subsequent iterative improvement process.
We are curious about your requirements.

Curious? Download Thumbify for free.

Available free of charge for iOS and Android. Thumbify works on your iOS and Android smartphones as well as tablets from which you can access all your digital documents in our solutions platform. There are no ads, no affiliate marketers, no creepy tracking. Available anywhere at any time.

Thumbify at a glance

Digital signature

Sign your protocols, receipts and contracts directly on your smartphone or tablet.

Share documents

Share your documents as PDF via WhatsApp, Threema, OneDrive or email with your partners.


Get informed about upcoming actions and keep track of your business.


Enjoy accessibility. Thumbify supports all 153 currencies worldwide.

VAT rates

Flexibly define your required VAT rate and have the taxes calculated automatically.

Document no.

Continuous document numbers with customizable prefixes. Definable for receipts and contracts.


SSL encryption. Your data is not stored unprotected on your device.

On your device

Available for free on iOS and Android for phones and tablets.


Choose between English, French, German and Spanish language.

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