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Digitize your processes

Digitize your processes

Thumbify is the easiest way to create digital logs, receipts, invoices, contracts and authorizations, to archive old paper documents and to manage them sustainably.
Each step from the creation, the signature on the display, the shipping and the subsequent management is done efficiently and without media discontinuity.
Thumbify helps you to complete all your business simply and paperlessly.

Use the added value of digitization

Focus on your core competencies and keep track of your office and business with Thumbify.
Therefore start today with the digital data acquisition and align your business for the future on this new basis.

Use the added value of digitization
Available anywhere at any time

Available anywhere at any time

Thumbify is made for you. Available on iOS and Android. Thumbify works on all your devices and completes your business and digitizes your office. There are no ads, no affiliate marketers, no creepy tracking.

Thats what our customers say

  • Als spezialisierte Immobilienmakler für Gewerbe, industrielle Immobilien, Logistik- und Handelsflächen sind wir für Konzerne, Verwalter und Abwicklungsgesellschaften tätig. Für uns ist Thumbify ein erfolgreicher und expansiver Dienstleister im Bereich der Prozessoptimierung für moderne Unternehmen.

    Persicke Immobilien und Projektbau
    Persicke Immobilien- und Projektbau GmbH
Need individual solution?

Need individual solution?

We make almost everything possible and are your competent partner for all challenges around the future topic of digitization.
We support you with the initial potential analysis, the implementation of your requirements and the assurance of the subsequent iterative improvement process.
We are curious about your requirements. Feel free to contact us without obligation.

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Thumbify at a glance

Digital signature

Sign your receipts and contracts directly on your smartphone.

Share documents

Share your documents via app or email with your partners.


Save your receipts as PDF document or print them.


Use Thumbify worldwide. Thumbify supports 153 currencies.

VAT rates

Flexibly define the required VAT rate.

Document numbers

Continuous document numbers with customizable prefix for receipts and contracts.


SSL encryption. Your data is not stored unprotected on your device.

On your device

Available for free on iOS and Android for phones and tablets.


Choose between English, French, German and Spanish language.