Create car sales contracts via app

Congratulations. Your prospect wants to buy the car you offered before. With Thumbify, you just take care of the offered car and make sure to excite your prospect. In the meantime, Thumbify takes care of the forms and documents that need to be created.

After the offer is immediately before the purchase

Your prospect is delighted and probably already dreaming of sitting in the fancy new car. Now it’s time to create a sales contract and turn the offer into a successful purchase. Thumbify supports you with its sales contracts. Quickly and easily you can transfer accepted offers into purchase contracts. These can be shared directly after creation with your customers as a PDF via email or messenger such as Signal, WhatsApp and Co. This allows them to view the contract and sign it at the next meeting. It doesn’t matter whether you and your customer want to sign the contract in the traditional way or digitally via Thumbify.

A strong performance

Corporate design is your business card and helps to leave a lasting impression. We are happy to take up your existing corporate design and not only let your offers and contracts shine in it. We make almost everything possible and are your right partner for all challenges around the future topic of digitalization. We support you in the initial potential analysis, the implementation of your requirements as well as ensuring the subsequent iterative improvement process. Inform now.