Do I always need internet when I use Thumbify?

Dead spots are not uncommon when traveling

You have probably experienced it yourself – you are on a train and every five minutes there is a dead spot. Or you are 10,000 meters in the air right now and flight mode is activated. Many apps simply cannot work without an internet connection – Thumbify is different.

With Thumbify you can work without internet

Since version 5.1.0, Thumbify saves your active session in an internal cache. So if your internet connection drops while you are using the app, you can still continue working without any problems. As soon as Thumbify reconnects to the Internet – whether after 5 minutes or 5 hours – all your app activities are automatically synchronized.

So you can also use your offline time effectively and you have more time for other important things later. Because for Thumbify your time is the most precious thing.