All about Thumbify 0.1.2

As mentioned in our last weekly review, we are currently working on the new version 0.1.2. Since yesterday evening, we have put the version in the test status and investigate this thoroughly. As soon as our internal tests go through and no mistakes have occurred, we will load Thumbify 0.1.2 into the App Stores. Obviously, we will inform you as soon as Thumbify 0.1.2 is available for download. So you can enjoy the new features directly through the update.

New features at version 0.1.2

  • Support of more currencies (other currencies have been integrated into Thumbify)
  • Adjust the decimal separators using the selected language

Bug fixes

  • iOS 11: Header disappears
  • Gross to net formula (fixed a mistake in the gross to net formula)


  • Adjustment of the processes when creating a new receipt or a new mini contract (this optimization has a positive impact on a bad Internet connection – Thumbify is gaining speed)
  • The field size of the purpose of use adapts dynamically to the content (long uses are no longer cut off)

So be curious and look forward to the new Thumbify version.