1. Week – Thumbify says THANKS

Since 17th October Thumbify is available for free on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

About Facebook, we invited you to follow the live course with us. A few minutes after the live course unfortunately the first bug announced. This was fixed directly and already on 19 October we provided you with the update version 0.1.1. On Sunday it was so far – 100 LIKES at Facebook 🙂 At this point we would like to thank you.

In the first week, however, not only the live course was posted on Facebook. We also screwed up the performance and the preparations for the version 0.1.2 are running on high speed. What the new version brings with you, we betray you.

New features at version 0.1.2

  • Support of more currencies

Bug Fixes

  • iOS 11: Header disappears
  • Gross to net formula

@Fabian and Mario – thank you very much for the hints