Thumbify 0.2.0 – Slim, fast and international

Finally it’s time and full of joy to present you the brand new Thumbify version, which is now available for free on Android and iOS for you to download.

On October 26th we gave you an insight into the new Thumbify version. At that time we still had it under the version number 0.1.2. Due to the multitude of adjustments, which not only show an effect on the performance but also spice up Thumbify optically, Thumbify has achieved the version 0.2.0.

Our internal tests are completed and Thumbify presents itself with a fresh look. Get the new version for your smartphones and tablets and benefit from the new features. Your receipt and contract app is now international.

New features at version 0.2.0

  • Support of 153 currencies (select the currency under settings)
  • Adjust the decimal separators using the selected language
  • Design adjustments

Bug fixes

  • iOS 11: Header disappears
  • Adjustment Gross to Net formula


  • Adjustment of the processes when creating a new receipt or a new mini contract (this optimization has a positive impact on a bad Internet connection – Thumbify is gaining speed)
  • 65% slimmer app size in iOS than in the previous version

We appreciate your feedback.