Thumbify is chosen as the “handy construction site app”

In the current January report the examines useful Apps for handicraft and office and divides these into the columns project documentation, communication, receipts and service reports.

Thumbify is recommended in the receipts and service reports section:

“If employees often write receipts, an appropriate app is recommended to reduce time and paperwork […] Thumbify. This enables digital signatures to be made and receipts to be sent by e-mail.”

We say THANK YOU and are pleased that Thumbify has convinced the editors of

More than just a receipt

What began as a small service for digital receipts on October 17, 2017, has grown steadily over the past few months and now offers much more than just the creation of digital receipts that can be signed directly on the smartphone and tablet. Currently you can digitally create the following forms with Thumbify:

  • Receipts
    Create digital receipts in no time. If desired, a photo of the receipt item can be attached.
  • Contracts
    Record your business in a contract, which is signed by both business partners.
  • Handover protocols
    Thumbify becomes the moving agent. Create a digital apartment handover protocol, which can also document the condition by photo.
  • Archiving
    Archive documents in paper form. If required, you can assign them a due date, which Thumbify will remind you of.

If you want more, we can include your individual forms so that they are available in Thumbify from now on.

Advantage through customization

If “out of the box” gets left behind, we’ll help you out. We make almost everything possible and are your right partner for all challenges around the future topic of digitalisation. We support you in the initial potential analysis, the implementation of your requirements and the subsequent iterative improvement process. Show me more.