Thumbify becomes a Relocation Helper: Digital Apartment Handover Protocol

When moving, it is usually always a bit hectic. Just do not forget anything and quickly complete the tasks ahead, so that you can smoothly settle in and feel comfortable in the new premises. In order to avoid inconvenience in retrospect, the participants benefit from the preparation of an apartment handover protocol for moving in and out.

More security for tenants and landlords thanks to handover protocol

Thumbify supports you in the latest version with a handover protocol. Room by room, you can log the condition and record any defects. Then it goes to the meter readings. The registration of the electricity, gas, water and heating stands will also help you to get an accurate final bill from the utilities and to record the initial level in the new rooms. Subsequently, the keys to the premises can be recorded.

As with the contract module, both parties sign the handover protocol directly on their smartphone or tablet. The handover protocol is available to the parties directly after signing as a PDF document.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Thumbify makes the handover protocol even more talkative. Thanks to the photo function, you have the opportunity to document the condition of the premises by photo. Defects can be recorded in detail.

Free for Android and iOS

Download Thumbify on your Android or iOS smartphone and tablet. Let’s start paperless into the future.