Parli italiano? Sì. Thumbify now also supports Italian

Italian is spoken as a mother tongue by about 65 million people worldwide. Not a lot compared to Spanish or English, but enough for Thumbify to provide a language update and thus, in the latest version, welcome its Italian-speaking users in their native language.

A further step against language barriers

Thumbify supported both German and English when it moved into the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Spanish has been on board since July 21st 2018. On June 17th 2019, French was added as the fourth language. In the current version, the user can also select the Italian language in Thumbify. We are happy to further advance the topic of communication and thus minimize language barriers.

How to select your preferred language within the Thumbify App is explained in this help article: Can I change the language?


We’ve tidied up the app’s code, made everything a bit leaner and continued to tweak the performance screws so that Thumbify responds even more smoothly and quickly for you.

Also a few small bugs have been fixed. For example, there is a uniform formulation of the notification messages and a corrected display of the Details in the PDF of the handover reports.

Each of our updates goes through a test catalogue before being released in the App Stores. However, due to the variety of different devices, we cannot cover all device-specific scenarios. Therefore we are looking forward to your feedback. Together we can improve Thumbify.

Free for Android and iOS

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