Protecting forests and the climate through digitalisation

Alarming news about climate change and a sharp increase in the consumption of raw materials are reaching us almost daily. On the latter topic, paper consumption in Germany is higher than ever before. This is reported by the Saarbrücker Zeitung (The following quotation has been translated. See German version for original quotation.):

“The per capita consumption of paper, cardboard and paperboard in Germany is higher than in any other industrialized and emerging country of the G20. Last year it was 241.7 kilograms. Even the USA came in second with just under 211 kilograms.”

At Thumbify, we believe that we need to change our thinking as quickly as possible and make much more efficient use of existing resources.

That’s why we’ve continued to develop Thumbify so that it can not only digitize and archive existing documents, but also generate receipts, draw up contracts, and create housing transfer records.

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Save paper and become a tree rescuer

Not only Thumbify with its digital solution platform helps to save paper. Here are a few points that we encounter in our daily lives and how we have the opportunity to act more consciously:

  • Digital filing systems offer great added value compared to traditional paper filing systems. When used correctly, they can save a lot of paper.
  • Stickers such as “Please no advertising and free newspapers” on letterboxes help to prevent unwanted advertising and thus save a lot of paper waste.
  • No need for disposable paper cups and “To-Go” products in paper packaging. More and more grocery stores offer the use of their own containers.

Paperless into the future

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