Thumbify 0.4.0 – 2018 will be the year of new features

Receipts are lined with contracts

In our last article we gave you a little insight into the Thumbify plans for 2018. Barely two weeks later, we are proud to announce the latest Thumbify version 0.4.0 for Android and iOS.

Faster to business with Thumbify

Our concern is that you can focus on the essentials. Thumbify now supports you even more to optimize your business processes. With every optimization you save time – more time for the important things in life.
In this update we divide Thumbify’s known receipt into an optimized receipt process and a new contract function. The double-sided signature of the business partners is omitted in the receipt and moves to the contract function. Thus, you can even easier and faster create receipts for your business.

New receipt process – new contract function

For receipts, only the signature of the exhibitor is required. You have eliminated the entire receipt process in your hand and waiting times of your business partners.
So that you can continue to complete bilateral transactions digitally on your smartphone, Thumbify now offers you the opportunity to make contracts. Receipt and contract functions can be used separately from each other. It has never been so easy to create receipts and contracts on the smartphone and sign them directly on the display.
In addition, it is now possible that you can save an individual prefix for the receipt and the contract number in the settings. So far, the current year has been set by default. Now you have the opportunity to customize the receipt and contract numbers to your individual needs and, for example, to keep your company or product name in front of the ongoing number.

A little something you will love

We have upgraded the new Thumbify version with a video login. This is the first step for further optical adjustments, which will enhance the simple handling appealingly and clearly – so be curious 😉
Download Thumbify in its current version for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and create the paperless future with us! We appreciate your feedback.