Thumbify 0.5.0 – Experience the completely new signature feeling

Landscape-based signing

Now that we have dedicated ourselves to the last update of the process optimization, in the current version 0.5.0 we want to give you a completely new feeling of signing. Thumbify now supports landscape-based signing on your smartphone. More space for your signature means a better digital image of your classic signature.

Determine the date of the signature itself

Thumbify gives you the opportunity to customize the date of signing. You can thus back and postdate your receipts and contracts. Thumbify helps you complete your business the way you plan it.

Optimizations ensure faster processes

Receipts that have already been created prior to the Thumbify version 0.4.0 and thus completed with the two-sided signature are also displayed again in the current Verison 0.5.0 with the two-sided signature. We have updated the PDF template accordingly.
When opening the signature function by swiping, some errors occurred in the previous version. These have been fixed.
Download Thumbify in its current version for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and create the paperless future with us! We appreciate your feedback.