3. Month – Thumbify manages receipts. That’s just the beginning!

Receipts are useful – Thumbify wants more

The first three months have passed. We have shaken off the Christmas inertia and are programming new features that will support you both in your private and commercial life. It quickly became clear to us that it would be a challenge to enthusiastic you with a simple receipt app either in the Apple App Store nor the Google Play Store. But a purebred app for creating receipts was not our goal, it was just the beginning.

Our programming department is keeping up a full head of steam and new features are slowly taking shape in the form of trial versions. We remain faithful to our requirements to roll out an error-free version right from the beginning. Finally, we want to inspire you and not send for troubleshooting.

The sixth update is coming up. This time, however, we want to keep the tension until publication. Therefore, there are no insights into the new version at this point.

So be curious 😉