New website, new individual services, new app features

A lot has happened on Thumbify lately and we’ve made it…

  • New website with new individual services
  • New form implemented: Apartment handover protocol

Thumbify in a new guise

We are pleased to present you our new brand appearance as well as our new performance features. For us, this is a clear further development of the Thumbify brand and thus the right step towards a paperless future.

Thumbify is based on a clear and simple design and wants to pick up its visitors and guide them through the website. The Services section has been completely redesigned.

In addition to many free functions, Thumbify also offers individual solutions in the area of digitization and process optimization and implements them together with you into reality. Thumbify uses “state of the art” technologies and helps you if “out of the box” is left behind.

Digital handover protocol

With our new apartment handover protocol, Thumbify becomes a relocation assistant. Thumbify supports you in creating a clearly structured and sustainable handover protocol and offers you the possibility to document defects and meter readings in addition to the classic listing in text form also by photo.

As with the Thumbify receipt and contract, the handover protocol is then signed by the parties directly on the smartphone or tablet and shared as a PDF document. In addition to the email function, messengers such as WhatsApp, Threema, iMessage, Signal or cloud services such as GoogleDrive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Nextcloud and others are also available.

You can read more about the handover protocol in the article Thumbify becomes a Relocation Helper: Digital Apartment Handover Protocol

Free for Android and iOS

Download Thumbify to your Android or iOS smartphone and tablet and take advantage of the benefits of digitization.