The receipt block in times of digital transformation

Even with all the challenges around the topic of digitization, the demand for the now smart receipt block is growing. Because with the receipt, the receipt of a delivery, a service or a sum of money continues to be confirmed.

The receipt document is an evidential document, which is legally recognized and can always be requested by the customer. Thumbify allows you to quickly create and easily deploy the document in PDF format. Using modern channels such as email, WhatsApp, Threema, but also cloud storage like Dropbox, you can provide the finished document to your business partners and customers. Of course, Thumbify also supports the classic expression that you can toast directly via your smartphone or tablet via AirPrint and Cups.

With Thumbify you always have your digital receipt block at hand and ensure sustainable business. Easy and fast. Download Thumbify on your smartphone or tablet and benefit from the benefits of digitization. Available for Android and iOS for free.

Simple use of the digital receipt as a voucher

In business accounting, the receipt is also very often used as a document to be able to prove financial changes due to occurring business transactions. In a nutshell, these are revenues, expenses or changes in the material warehouse.

Often the principle of ordinary accounting, in particular “No booking without receipt!”, is not sufficiently implemented. Especially in startups and small companies, this topic is often out of focus. In order to meet these requirements, Thumbify offers you a straightforward way to save money with its digital receipt template…

  • Own documents / internal documents
  • External documents
  • Emergency documents / replacement documents

… easy to create, store and send.

The legal storage of accounting documents is generally ten years in Germany. Thumbify helps you meet this requirement.

Digitization of existing documents

Additionally, with Thumbify’s Digitize feature, you can use any other type of paper-based document, such as …

  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Bank statements
  • Checks
  • Trade letters
  • Tax bills
  • Withdrawals
  • Payrolls
  • Vouchers about reversals and transfers

… into the digital archive. With Thumbify, all your receipts are available digitally and at any time.

Standard or individual

Thumbify offers its standard solutions for supporting business processes for free. So you can convince yourself of Thumbify, without having to pay any investment costs.

Together with you, we go into the next round and digitize your business with tailor-made individual solutions. In a consultation appointment, we focus on the essential core tasks in your company and find out if all secondary processes are perfectly integrated. We create clear process landscapes that are focused on effectiveness and make your business competitive.