Hablas español? Si claro. Thumbify supports Spanish

Twenty-five countries where one speaks Spanish. Thumbify welcomes in its most recent version its Spanish-speaking users in their native language.


Thumbify supported the German and English languages when publishing in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In the current version, the user can also select the Spanish language in Thumbify. We are pleased to continue the topic of communication and thus to minimize language barriers.

How to choose your preferred language within the Thumbify app is explained in this help article: Can I change the language?

New signature feeling

Each signature is individual. It looks similar in the meantime with the installed displays and their sizes in the Smartphones and Tablets. In the current version, Thumbify dynamically adjusts the signature field to the device. Thumbify gives you the opportunity to use the full display size of the device for your individual signature.


We cleaned up the app code and fixed some bugs. We payed more attention to the presentation on mobile devices. Sometimes there were problems with hiding and showing the keyboard, which are now fixed.

Each of our updates goes through a test catalog before sharing in the app stores. However, due to the variety of different devices, we can not cover all device-specific scenarios. Therefore, we are looking forward to your feedback. Together we can improve Thumbify.

Free for Android and iOS

Download Thumbify on your Android or iOS smartphone and tablet. Let’s start paperless into the future.