5. Month – Access to your documents via smartphone

There are more than 5 reasons that will convince you to try Thumbify directly.

High Five

  • With the next update, Thumbify offers you a first-class way to digitize your most important documents.
  • Use the classic photo feature to digitize your documents and add smart tags like title, description and due date, in order to have all benefits of the document digitalization function.
  • By search function you can find quickly and easily your digitized documents.
  • Anytime, anywhere access via your smartphone to your files, so for example, warranty claims can be claimed immediately if necessary.
  • By the due date, Thumbify will remind you of upcoming actions within your documents soon.

Whether invoices, receipts, contracts, certificates or a weeding invitation, use Thumbify and be always and everywhere well informed and able to make decissions! ?

Let’s go

Download Thumbify via Google Play Store or Apple App Store and become familiar with the handling. You will be thrilled and never want to miss Thumbify.