Você fala português? Sim, eu falo. Thumbify speaks Portuguese

Thumbify supports Portuguese in the latest version. Portuguese is the native language of approximately 240 million people worldwide. The total number of Portuguese speakers is estimated at 270 million. This means that Portuguese is not only the official language in Europe, but also in Africa, South America and Asia. We are happy to be able to address so many people in Portuguese and say “Um acolhimento caloroso”.

No language barriers for 1.4 billion people

Thumbify supported both German and English when it moved into the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Other languages followed:

In the current version Thumbify binds the Portuguese language. Thumbify is understood by more than 1.4 billion people worldwide. We will continue to push the topic of communication and reduce language barriers by implementing additional languages.

How to select your preferred language within the Thumbify App is explained in this help article: Can I change the language?

Free for Android and iOS

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