Thumbify manages the needs of your customers

Successful companies have satisfied customers. Regardless of whether they are services or products, the focus is clearly on customer orientation. This can be achieved efficiently with the help of a detailed requirements analysis. Suitable offers, fewer reworking, increased follow-up orders from existing customers and recommendations are the result of services or goods that meet the customer’s requirements. Thumbify helps to capture the customer’s needs in order to deliver a customer-focused service.

Customer requirements

In the latest version, Thumbify offers the ability to capture a customer’s needs using the Customer Request form.

Thumbify breaks down customer expectations with its customer requirement into title and description. The information is refined by adding further information such as:

  • Amount including corresponding currency
  • Due date including time
  • Creation date
  • Status
  • Cost center for internal bookings
  • History including time data, result documentation and description as well as photo function
  • Pictures

As in all other Thumbify forms, personal customer data can be easily transferred via the address book or stored manually.

Keeping the overview

In the Thumbify Dashboard you will find your customer requirements next to all other documents clearly prepared and structured by form type. In addition to the total number of customer requirements, the number of open and completed requirements is also shown.

Free for Android and iOS

Download Thumbify on your Android or iOS smartphone and tablet. Let’s start paperless into the future.