Thumbify integrates accounting functions

Accounting, often considered monotonous, is by no means optional, but a task that every trade has to deal with. Thumbify supports your accounting with new features that make booking easier and give you a better overview of your business.

Implementation of cost centers

In the latest version, Thumbify offers the possibility to assign a cost center to each newly created object. This makes it possible to post the transaction to be made directly to a cost center. A cost center can be used to map business areas or projects.

We do not know your cost centers and therefore offer you the possibility to manage your individual cost centers directly in Thumbify. In addition to a cost center number, a description of the cost center can also be entered.

Create and manage cost centers

You can view your cost centers centrally in your account via the Settings item.

  • Tap on Account and then on Settings
  • Under the heading Cost center, new cost centers can be created using the Plus button
  • By tapping on already created cost centers, they can be edited
  • The Minus button can be used to delete existing cost centers

Income and expenditure

By means of signs in the amount input field, income and expenses can be entered. Income must be entered in Thumbify positive, meaning without a sign. Expenses must be entered negatively, in other words with a presented minus.

The positive and negative amounts are still displayed neutrally, that means without a sign on the PDF document so that they are only visible within the Thumbify App and not for your business partner.

Balance reconciliation in the dashboard

Thumbify matches your positive entries to revenue and your negative entries to costs and balances them by cost center. This balance reconciliation is displayed graphically on the dashboard.

With the new dashboard filter, you can now also display a specific selection of your cost centers and currencies. By tapping on the filter symbol you can customize your selection as you wish.

Free for Android and iOS

Download Thumbify on your Android or iOS smartphone and tablet. Let’s start paperless into the future.