Thumbify 0.6.0 – Intelligent document digitization

With the latest update in version 0.6.0, Thumbify now offers a solution for digitizing documents via smartphone.

All your documents available anywhere at any time

The foundation for the paperless future has already been laid by Thumbify. With the new document digitization function, you can now easily and quickly digitize paper documents such as contracts, invoices, receipts, certificates, letters, invitations and much more. Enrich your digitized documents with further information – the so-called tags – and thereby use all intelligent functions of Thumbify. By enriching your document title, due date, status, amount, description and creation date, you’ll quickly and easily find every document. Keep the control about your personal and digital storage. A prompt notification function will inform you in time about any actions that may be taken. This will give you a proactive approach to all your daily tasks.

Sign in landscape mode

From now on you can sign with Thumbify in landscape mode. Due to this, almost the entire display of your smartphone is available for your signature. Documents and and contracts can be drawn even more naturally with this feature.

For free on Android and iOS

Try Thumbify on your Android or iOS smarthone and tablet and profit of all benefits of the digitization.