How Thumbify manages international business and supports exchange offices

The new Currency Exchange Form creates transparency in international use. Whether for your own travel expense report or for cost control of international projects, with Thumbify you keep track of your costs and revenues. With the mobile app and the new offline function, Thumbify is always with you.

Current exchange rates

Thumbify provides daily updated exchange rates for over 170 currencies. This means you are always up to date on the exchange rates and can exchange your money at fair conditions.

With the newly implemented offline mode in version 3.0 you can always call up the latest online exchange rate for your currency exchange. This saves time and money.

Change office or user

If you want to correctly display your currency exchange amounts as expenses and receipts in Thumbify, you should note the following distinction:

  • Exchange office: Use a negative amount (minus as sign) in the input form
  • User: Use a positive amount in the input form

Display in the Dashboard

Based on the positive or negative input in the currency exchange form, your amounts will be displayed correctly as expenditure or income in the balance per cost center display in the dashboard. Thus you have a comfortable balance reconciliation across your currencies.

Thumbify gives you full control to manage and control your cash book.

Intelligent travel expense accounting

Use the receipt template for all your international business transactions for which you do not receive a paper receipt from your local business partner.

If you do, the existing receipts can be managed with the archive function. Photograph the original receipt and enter the amount shown. Your balance will be automatically cleared based on the sign.

If it concerns larger amounts or important agreements, use the double-sided signature in the contract form.

This creates transparency and security for everyone involved, both for those present and for third parties such as your manager or for submission to the tax office.