Create vehicle offers via app

It’s been a while since our last article. Since then, a lot has happened at Thumbify and it’s high time we report on it. With its professional receipt function, Thumbify has since the beginning supported those commercial and private businesses in which the business transaction is documented by issuing a receipt. Just over a year ago, Thumbify was recommended by in the Receipts and Service Reports section. Now Thumbify is heading to the automotive market and helps car sellers with their daily business.

Collect customer requirements and generate offers

We already wrote about how Thumbify captures the wishes of your customers at the end of last year. Now we would like to introduce you to the vehicle offer form, with which you can send offers to your prospects and customers. Similar to, all necessary vehicle information for an offer can be recorded quickly and easily. Thumbify also takes into account the wishes of your accounting and sales department and allows cost centers, the current status and due dates to be recorded directly. Once all data and photos have been entered, Thumbify creates a finished quote in PDF format for your customers. Of course, Thumbify can also manage your offers already listed on

A strong performance

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