Вы говорите по-русски? Конечно. Thumbify speaks Russian

In the latest version, Thumbify welcomes its Russian users. Russian is spoken by approximately 210 million people worldwide, of which about 150 million are native speakers. We say “Добро пожаловать в Thumbify” and are delighted to have Russian as the eighth language.

8 languages against language barriers

Thumbify supported both German and English when it moved into the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Other languages followed:

In the current version Thumbify binds the Russian language. We will continue to promote the topic of communication and reduce language barriers by implementing additional languages.

How to select your preferred language within the Thumbify App is explained in this help article: Can I change the language?

Increase of the image limits

A picture is worth a thousand words. That wasn’t enough for us, so we adjusted the picture limits and Thumbify now offers you the following numbers of pictures:

  • up to 3 images in the archive function
  • up to 2 images for receipts and contracts
  • up to 2 images per category for handover protocols

You would like to add more images to the Thumbify forms? No problem. We can adjust the limits individually to your needs. Just use our contact form at https://thumbify.de/en/services/.


We’ve tidied up the app’s code, made everything a bit leaner and continued to tweak the performance screws so that Thumbify responds even more smoothly and quickly for you.

Each of our updates goes through a test catalogue before being released in the App Stores. However, due to the variety of different devices, we cannot cover all device-specific scenarios. Therefore we are looking forward to your feedback. Together we can improve Thumbify.

Free for Android and iOS

Download Thumbify on your Android or iOS smartphone and tablet. Let’s start paperless into the future.